The Bearubs Fun Stuff App!

The Bearubs Fun Stuff mobile app has 8 different activities to choose from. This game features a dozen activities to keep your 3- to 5-year old entertained:

Coloring Book, Match Game, Jigsaw Puzzle, Counting Sheep Game, Songs of Lullaby Land, Bubble Game, Play the Drums, Picture Books, and more!

The app does not access the Internet for content, so it can be played anytime, anywhere! There are no ads, banners, or in-app purchases. Safe for kids - does not connect to the Internet.

12 different activities to choose from:
  • Coloring Book
  • Match Game
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Counting Sheep Game
  • Songs of Lullaby Land
  • Play the Piano
  • Bubble Game
  • Play the Drums
  • Memory Game
  • Play the Guitar
  • Two Bearubs picture books
  • No in-app purchases, ads, or banners
  • Safe for kids
  • Does not connect to Internet
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