The Bearubs Animated Series!

Say hello to the Bearubs - Melody and Jingle - The teddy bear cherubs who live in Lullaby Land!
After a bed-time story the magic begins when children fall asleep and are wisked away into Lullaby Land

There they meet friends such as the Sleepy Note Pixies, Burnie the dragon, the BaaBaa Shop Quartet, Sandman, and others.
Join them all as they travel to the Musical Bridge, the Sleepy Willow Tree, and the Music-Go-Round.
It's the Bearub's fun-filled world.

This exciting new series helps 2 - 7 year-old children learn social skills, music, and healthy life styles with characters they and their parents will love.

The Bearubs combines relevent preschool themes, positive role models and helps preschoolers learn about music and good behavior. The series also features original lullabies and a live-action preschool segment highlighting a featured musical instrument.

Format: 13 x 11' (2021 16x9)

E101  The Big Event
E102Home Sweet Home
E104Something Scary
E105Happy Birthday Sandman
E106Songs of Lullaby Land
E107The Wiggley Tooth
E109Play Safe Day
E111Too Little
E112Lullaby Land Concert
E113The Bearubs Save Christmas!